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Semester Two

In semester two, mandatory teaching is delivered adjacent to other scheduled teaching sessions, to minimise the impact on students’ progress at the beginning of their placement. Students are individually timetabled to attend an ophthalmology clinic where they are given the opportunity to complete specific ophthalmic clinical skills. January is a very busy month for students, as not only are they required to complete their mandatory teaching, but they are also required to undertake their long case assessments with tutors/teachers within their first few weeks of placement.

Examples of timetabled activities are:

Study Half Days
All students are split into three groups and rotate every 40 minutes to see a different procedure on three topics within a speciality

Lunchtime Lecture Programme
Covers topics determined by the medical school

Case Presentations
All students from one firm every week present a case. The winners go forward to the Ron Grimley Awards

Musculoskeletal Bedside Teaching Programme
Consultants and teaching fellows deliver bedside teaching sessions for each firm on five different topics over the semester

Microbiology Lecture Programme
Three different topics are covered each semester

Haematology Lecture Programme
Two different topics are covered each semester

Pathology Lecture Programme
Four different topics are covered each semester

Nurse for the Day’
Each student will complete a full day nursing shift on the ward which exposes them to interprofessional education.

‘Radiology Experience’
Small groups of students visit the x-ray department to gain additional experience in angiography, vascular ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

Drop-in sessions that are available for students to sign up for include:
Mortuary – an opportunity to observe a post mortem being performed
G.I. Unit – opportunity to see an endoscopy procedure