Our Student Resources

The media team have been working closely with our clinical teaching fellows, in the development of RGUC TV. This new venture aims to increase students awareness and engagement with the resources that the RGUC online learning platform has to offer.

At present, students are able to watch RGUC TV on the TV in the undergraduate centre common room during certain times of the semester, as well as on-demand via the RGUC YouTube channel and the Online Learning Platform. We will continue to develop additional video content for this platform to enable us to provide a more comprehensive programming schedule in the future.

Why not take a look at RGUC TV episodes so far? Simply visit the RGUC TV on-demand area within the Online Learning Platform.

Online Learning at RGUC

“Online Learning at RGUC” is a Moodle-based eLearning platform designed to enhance and complement students’ user experiences. All of our eLearning resources are available to students on this platform – moodle.rguc.co.uk

Access to Online Learning at RGUC is provided to medical students as soon as they join us on placement, and registration to this is valid until they qualify as foundation year doctors. The platform is host to all the interactive resources that we offer in order to support and supplement the learning of our third, fourth and fifth year medical students. This includes our iClinical resources, elearning courses and RGUC TV on demand.

Online eLearning Courses

blood transfusion brand logo

Blood Transfusion Training

Working alongside the Trust’s transfusion practitioner, we’ve developed a new video based blood transfusion e-learning course that streamlines the delivery of training to 5th year medical students, as well as providing crucial mandatory training for medical professionals within the Trust.

Hand Wash graphic for the aseptic technique elearning course

Aseptic Non Touch Technique Training Course

We have worked closely with clinical skills educators and infection control to redevelop the Trust’s ANTT training course. The content offers an improved user learning experience and adheres to current Trust guidelines.

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Radiation Protection Training

In order to introduce medical professionals and students to radiation protection legislation and the implications of increased radiation exposure, we’ve also collaborated with the clinical educator for radiology to develop two new radiation eLearning courses.

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Medical Students in Hospital

A note for patient and visitors

The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust is a teaching Trust. This applies to Russells Hall Hospital, Guest Outpatient Centre in Dudley, and Corbett Outpatient Centre in Stourbridge and our community sites.

This means that doctors, nurses, and other health professionals receive part of their training here. Healthcare students may accompany medical teams treating patients at any of our sites.

During your visit, you may be asked if you are willing to take part in the education and training of medical students, student nurses, physician associates, and allied health professionals.

On average, up to 450 medical students undertake their placement at the Dudley Group throughout the year, and up to 120 University of Birmingham medical students will be on placement at any one time. These students may be talking to and examining patients, observing surgical procedures in the operating theatre, viewing diagnostic images in the x-ray department, or learning by apprenticeship. It is likely that you will meet these people whose teachers are the doctors, nurses and other health professionals who care for you.

Healthcare students learn best by interviewing and talking to patients. This helps them to learn about interacting with people, whilst enabling them to gain medical knowledge not easily obtained from textbooks. Students will meet patients on wards and in the outpatient departments. They may also be present as observers when you have tests, procedures or operations.

At the Dudley Group, students are easily identifiable. University of Birmingham medical students wear green and white name badges, whilst nursing students and allied health professionals are identified by their uniform.

All healthcare students are bound by the professional duty of confidentiality. They are expected to pass relevant personal information that patients give them to the responsible doctor or nurse, but no further.

If you want to talk to a student in confidence then you are welcome to do so. However, you will be made aware that the student is normally expected to pass on information relevant to your treatment.

As a teaching Trust, The Dudley Group strives to develop and nourish a well-rounded and accomplished healthcare workforce for the future. The continued support of our patients is a very important part of this evolution.