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Welcome to the December 2022 edition of the RGUC Newsletter

This newsletter updates members of the Dudley Group Undergraduate Teaching Academy and medical students about projects and resources being developed to supplement learning and medical education. We aim to publish an edition every quarter.


In this edition...

  • Key diary dates
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Winter Vaccinations
  • Tips from Students
  • Postgraduate Education Centre website
  • Update from The Plenary Study Day
  • Goodbye and Good Luck
  • Merry Christmas

Key diary dates

University of Birmingham (UoB)

  • Fourth year students’ return date – Tuesday 3rd January 2023
  • Fifth year AIP, OBG & paediatric students’ start date – Tuesday 3rd January and Wednesday 4th January 2023
  • Third year students’ start date – Tuesday 3rd January 2023
  • Fourth year new SPC students’ start date – Monday 6th February 2023

Aston University

  • Fourth year cancer care students’ return date – Tuesday 3rd January 2023
  • Fifth year students’ return date – Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Clinical Teaching Academy (CTAC) Meetings

Tuesday 10th January 2023
Tuesday 7th February 2023
Tuesday 7th March 2023

The CTAC meetings have now returned to face-to-face format, and these will take place in the Undergraduate Centre. However, a Microsoft Teams link will be provided for attendees unable to join in person.

Health and Wellbeing

We take the wellbeing of all medical students seriously at this Trust. We encourage you to speak up about any concerns you may have, be it big or small. Please select the poster to find out who to speak to about concerns.  

You can also speak in confidence to clinical teaching fellow, Josh Tulley, who is the wellbeing champion for junior doctors and medical students. 

Winter Vaccinations

Take the opportunity to get your FREE booster at Russells Hall Hospital.

You have until Monday 19th December to get your FREE flu vaccination and COVID-19 booster in the Trust.  

The vaccination programme is safe and remains highly effective in protecting us all. This is an opportunity for you to remain protected from the effects of flu and the COVID-19 infection and to keep your patients, friends and loved ones safe during the coming winter. Click here to book your vaccinations today. 


You can book your COVID-19 booster and flu vaccination by selecting the link below:

TIPS from Students

We will be interviewing a selection of medical students and physician associates about their experiences on placement with us. Tune in to the next edition of this newsletter to find out what your course mates think about placement at Russells Hall, and their views on getting the most out of your time here. 

Postgraduate Education Website

We have recently completed the development of a new website to showcase the various roles, career opportunities and learning resources across the wider organisation. It features video interviews with many staff in the Trust who provide insights into their roles. Some areas may interest our medical students. We encourage you to take a look at the new site by visiting


Update from The Plenary Day

IPE logo

This year’s annual Interprofessional Education Plenary Day returned to its normal format on 15th November. We were delighted to welcome a multiprofessional selection of delegates from across a wide range of specialties, who took part in what was agreed by all to be a valuable learning experience.  


The aim of the day was to heighten student appreciation of safe and effective practice, while creating opportunities for them to explore ways in which their professions can work more closely together to respond more fully and more effectively to the multiple and ever increasingly complex needs of the population. 

Delegates from nursing, medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, radiography, and operating department practitioners were able to participate in discussion work within small mixed professional groups, cultivating mutual awareness, trust and respect in readiness for collaborative practice. 

The group discussions and problem-solving scenarios encouraged delegates to engage in multiprofessional decision making, sharing their own experiences while acknowledging the opinions of others. 

The day was well received and valued by the students who attended. We would like to thank everyone who was involved in making the event a success. 

We spoke to several delegates at the end of the event, and you can see what they had to say in this video. 

Play Video

Goodbye and Good Luck


Photo of Ashley Eveson

Ash joined the Simulation team as a simulation educator in 2018 moving into the role of Interprofessional Simulation Lead in 2021.

Coming from an Intensive care nursing background gave him a great base of knowledge and experience to use when teaching in simulation. He has developed into an excellent debriefer and provided support to hundreds of simulation candidates over the last few years. He has done a fantastic job of leading the simulation team and developing what we deliver across the Trust. As well as our routine sessions, we have delivered simulation-based teaching on the Maternity Incentive programme and in situ sessions in theatres. Ash’s friendly manner has forged friendships across the Trust which support the simulation sessions we deliver. His “Black Country” humour has entertained the team and he’s going to be sadly missed as Lead. We’re very proud that he’s decided to return to ICU but in the role of an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner. We know he’ll do fantastic job and we hope to still get to do some sim with him occasionally.


Photo of Harry Morgan

Harry joined us as an apprentice straight from school in 2017, not quite sure what to expect as an apprentice Simulation Technician.

He soon became a key member of the simulation team and quickly developed skills in programming the scenarios into the computer, preparing the simulation lab for simulation sessions, making sure the simulation equipment is maintained, making up wounds and surgical sites for scenarios and even being an actor as a confused patient at times! He obtained his NVQ level 3 whilst with us, which was great achievement. He bought his own sense of humour to the team and has grown in his confidence over the last 5 years. So much so that he has succeeded in moving on to be a paramedic! We are immensely proud of him and what he has achieved. We’ll miss him and wish him well in his future career.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Everyone at the Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

We would like to thank everyone involved in medical education, for the commitment and support that you offer all year to our medical students. 

Would you like to contribute?

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If so, please emails us at media.team@rguc.co.uk

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