This is a broad based training programme for students in general medical and surgical specialities, where they have the opportunity to learn history taking and diagnostic skills.

The first three weeks of semester one provides the students with an introductory period. During this time we prioritise their mandatory basic teaching sessions such as clinical skills, resuscitation training, and introductory lectures.

Student Timetables

From week four, electronic timetables feature speciality teaching sessions and weekly bedside teaching from firm Tutors and Teachers.

In semester two, mandatory teaching is delivered adjacent to other scheduled teaching sessions, to minimise the impact on students’ progress at the beginning of their placement.

January is a very busy month for students, as not only are they required to complete their mandatory teaching, but they are also required to undertake their January Long Case Exams with Tutors/Teachers within the first two weeks of placement.

Examples of timetabled activities are: